Joint Auctioneering

Unlock the Power of Joint Agency and Auctioneer Collaboration

Selling your property through Blakes joint auctioneer process gives you the experience of a trusted estate agent combined with the dynamic approach of an experienced auctioneering house, so we are thrilled to introduce our Joint Agency and Auctioneer Partnership service.

The benefits of this service are…

Wider Exposure

By partnering with esteemed auctioneering houses, we ensure your property receives unparalleled visibility through multiple marketing channels, reaching a vast pool of potential buyers.

Expertise Synergy

Our expert agents work hand-in-hand with trusted auctioneers, providing you with comprehensive support throughout the entire selling process. From pre-auction marketing to negotiation.


Choose the selling method that suits your needs. Whether it’s a traditional sale or an auction, we tailor our approach to maximise your property’s value in the current market.

Speedy Sales  

Auctons offer a fixed sale date, which can expedite the process. Perfect for those looking for a swift sale or unique properties in need of a specialised campaign.

Competitive and instant Bidding

Benefit from the competitive auction environment, driving up property prices and delivering the best possible returns.

Discover the transparency, versatility, and expertise of our Joint Agency and Auctioneer Partnership service.

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